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So here is the thing. I get a new* computer on the 31ish and when i get that imma finish art then imma go on a long hiatus because im too depressed to do anything other than sleep a whole lot

if you lose followers after a selfie its not because youre ugly its because youre so hot they had to protect their monitor from melting

wow you know how they say you need to see a gynecologist annually after 18 well i havent seen one since i was like 5 years old and havent been to the doctor since i was like 17 and that wasnt even like a check up i could be dying and not know

can someone explain the metaphor thing going on on tumblr

Um, also, I have been vaccinated when I was a child, so i will not get small pox and measles and such.

so i am not being selfish because i refuse to inject things into my body.

you can fuck right off.

If you have a problem being around me because i dont vaccinate/medicate myself, you dont have to be around me.

and you see, when i am sick i dont even go out because i dont like to spread my ailments. its not like i am wandering the world sneezing on things.

and thats IF i even get sick in the first place.

Anonymous asked
I think as long as people get an mmr (probably that kindergarten vaccine) they're good and I only say that bc it is a requirement for school children where I am bc children wipe their noses on their sleeves and play with communal toys and no one wants a measles or mumps outbreak. the only vaccine I've gotten since I was 5 was a tetanus booster, my mom made me play with the kids who had chickenpox, but measles and all that can kill small kids and I think they should be protected.

like i can understand that and all, why public facilities are requiring that (it makes sense)

but i dont want kids because i know i would be against even that for them. i just do not trust modern pharmaceuticals. you take one thing for an issue and it gives you 5 other problems and next thing you know youre needing 6 different medications.

and i am not coming from an ableist perspective, because i am not denying medicine is useful or that some people need them,

i am merely saying they are not for me.

damonwells asked
ive never had a flu shot. i didnt get the swine flu vaccine. i've had the flu once, last year. i was over it in two days. i also got the swine flu and was over that in one day. i totally understand where you're coming from

I got the scary swine flu

lasted four days

i felt fine, functional, and healthy for 2 of those days

and feverish sporadically on the other 2 days

no medicine, and i was fine

i believe i am a healthy person and i deal with sickness fine

vaccines and medicine is not for me, and thats MY body choice. MY autonomy.

i respect everyone elses choice to vaccinate/medicate, and i just ask for the same respect to not vaccinate/medicate.

Anonymous asked
you are the cutest! hope you don't think this is weird. in the pic in the sidebar your eye shadow is so cute.

I need to update it because my hair is all cut off now x)

Anonymous asked
okok, I'll back off - just noticed your paypal email is present as it is, and that is what I was looking for! :) <3 I don't think it'd be a pressure at all, but just a "hey, if you can, I can pay u back or pay it forward" - sorry for my lack of reading comprehension that lead to this series of asks. :) I hope your day brightens up even a teensy bit, love. You are important, wonderful, and lovely. Thank you for staying here with us.

Aww thank you :) I dont ever waste the money i get because i know it is hard earned money. it always goes to bills/food/hygiene products, and if i have extra i donate it back to someone else. And your comprehension and literary skills are fine, i understand you so its no big deal. Thank you and appreciate your wanting to help me <3

Anonymous asked
It gets better <3

Thank you dolly.

Look i dont preach to people about vaccines and medicine and i hold all my opinions about it to myself.

if you must know, i dont take vaccines (haven’t been vacinated since kindergarten) and i havent taken medicines besides aspirin for like 5 years. my immune system is great, flus (if I get them) last like 3 days and i am fine non-medicated.

look, if you want vaccines and meds, thats totally okay and thats you and thats fine.

but do NOT try and make it out as if it is my duty to put chemicals and such in my body and by not doing so i am infringing on the publics right to be healthy.

my personal choice to eschew vaccines and medications from my life does not infringe on anyones personal freedom. afterall, if they are vaccinated, then whats the worry?

thats all i am going to say on the issue.

i made the choice not to have children because i have a lot of personal opinions and beliefs and convictions i dont want to force on my children.

i think thats a good sacrifice, so dont bother me about it.

Anonymous asked
and I don't wanna hear about how "I couldn't take your money!" because I want to help. Just pay it forward when you are in a better position.

I actually did pay some of my last donations forward. I had a surplus at one point that i knew i would waste and donated to two people i saw asking O:

Anonymous asked
bc you're having a hard time right now, between trying to pursue your dreams and trying to keep it together to make it through to the next week. I ask so that there's an option where people can donate, help you out, and go on w/o asking anything in return (bc you're a good person and we can all use a helping hand in life, sometimes)

Haha you’re sweet. I could put one there but I would hate for people to feel like I am begging for things, nor do i want people to feel pressured into donating to me.

that and i am still working on paying everyone else off with my artwork.

Anonymous asked
You put not only yourself but those around you at high risk by not getting vaccinated, it opens you up to a wide range of diseases that are currently having a comeback (see: measles, polio) and even if your body can fight it off, anyone around you with a compromised immune system (children-even not your own- and the elderly especially) can catch it from you and it could be fatal. Personal choices cease to be personal when they significantly affect those around you.

No offense but no, I am not buying this and you will NOT guilt me into putting chemicals into my body that I dont want to be there. I am going to ask you to go away because I am THIS close to losing it on you and it is SO not your place.